Dynamic Saunas AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna Review

By Heat Master

Dynamic Saunas AMZ-DYN-6106-01 Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna Review

Whether you want to detoxify, lose weight, or just be healthy overall, the Dynamic Saunas Barcelona is a great option. Infrared saunas have been known to have many benefits. You can experience these benefits for yourself when you order one and have a Dynamic Saunas Barcelona in your home.


  • Made from reforested Canadian Hemlock Wood
  • Dual layer for better insulation
  • 1-2 person capacity
  • With 6 infrared carbon heating panels
  • Low EMF and energy efficient
  • Interior and exterior digital touchpad
  • With remote controlled chromo therapy
  • Comes with speakers and pre amp with AUX mp3 connectivity
  • Clear tempered glass door and side of door
  • Clasp assembly mechanism
  • Comes with towel holder, magazine rack, and remote control


What’s not to love about the Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna? First of all, the capacity is flexible. It can fit up to two people for a simultaneous session or comfortably fit one person inside.

Every little detail of the sauna is made with your convenience in mind. Need a place for your towels? There’s a towel holder. Need some magazines while going through your session? You have a magazine rack to keep them in. There’s also a remote control for your chromo therapy. Chromotherapy makes use of light and colors that target different body frequencies.

Dynamic Saunas also care for the world and its important trees. While you are enjoying the pleasant appearance of the Hemlock Wood used for your sauna and its heat retention abilities, you don’t have to worry about having fewer trees in the woods. Dynamic Saunas use reforested Canadian Hemlock wood for the construction of their saunas.

When it comes to assembly, the company made sure that you won’t have to take too long to enjoy using the final product. The Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna applies the clasp on the method of assembly. You simply place the different parts together and clasp. Assembly with 2 persons can be finished in just 45 minutes or an hour.

How well does the sauna work? It heats up to 140F for those who like a hotter temperature for their sauna. It’s pretty safe thanks to its low EMF rating. It uses 6 carbon heating panels that work much better than ceramic heaters.

You have a soft touch pad both outside and inside the sauna to control the duration and temperature of your sauna session. You also have music to listen to as it has the speaker and AUX MP3 connectivity.

It’s a pretty snug sauna, so if you are a little claustrophobic, the sauna features a tempered glass door as well as a little window right next to the door so you can see what’s going on outside as you are relaxing inside. It fits well in any part of your home and doesn’t require any special connection.


Although it is marketed as a 1-2 person sauna, it only comfortably fits 1 large person inside. If you are small, 2 small or thin people can most likely to fit inside the sauna.

This sauna is designed for indoor use only. It is not advisable to use it on your porch or outside.

While the little extra features like the towel holder and magazine rack are thoughtful, construction is not very durable and looks a little on the cheap side.

Lastly, this is curbside shipping only. You may need to have someone with you on the delivery date to help set it up inside your home.

Final Comparison

If you plan on using an infrared sauna with a loved one all the time, it’s best to get a 2 person design, rather than the 1-2 person capacity by Dynamic Sauna Barcelona.

The JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is a great choice, and the price doesn’t jump too far from what the Dynamic Sauna Barcelona offers. It’s also made from Canadian Hemlock wood, but features 7 carbon heating panels instead of 6. It doesn’t have the magazine holder or towel holder but it does have more safety glass on both the door and either side of the door so you won’t feel too claustrophobic inside.

Radiant Saunas also has a 2 person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna. Like the Dynamic Sauna Barcelona, it uses 6 carbon heating panels and makes use of the buckle assembly. Its sound system offers more options including a CD player, radio, and MP3 AUX connection.

In terms of price, it costs a little more than what JNH Lifestyles has to offer, but not too much more. You’ll be getting a good product in return for the money you spend on Radiant Saunas.


The Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna is a pretty good deal. Compared to prices offered by other brands, this is a pretty affordable package, and it has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing session of an infrared sauna. This sauna gets a rating of 5 out of 5.