HeatWave Sante Fe SA2412DX Infrared Carbon Sauna Review

By Heat Master

HeatWave Sante Fe SA2412DX Infrared Carbon Sauna Review

Made of high-quality hemlock wood, the HeatWave Infrared Sauna is superior in durability and strength. You can use it every day for years and not encounter any major problem.

Its interior is seal-coated with a natural color while the interior is finely sanded to retain the natural wood effect while making the surface feel smoother to the touch.

This product is noted for its remarkable infrared wavelength, which ranges from five to twelve microns. Since it’s also tested for electromagnetic force (EMF), you can be sure that it’s safe to use even for extended periods of time.

The HeatWave Sante Fe SA2412DX Infrared Carbon Sauna employs a chromotherapy system, so you can bask under seven rotating colors that can provide a balancing effect both physically and emotionally.


  • EMF-tested
  • Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 76 inches
  • Weight: 458 pounds
  • Power: 120v/20amp
  • Has good infrared wavelength
  • Uses recessed interior lighting
  • Uses bronze-tilted tempered glass
  • Features an electronic oxygen ionizer
  • Features a seven-color chromotherapy system
  • Features an exclusive InfraWave FAR heat technology heaters
  • Comes with a backrest
  • Comes with two cup holders
  • Comes with adjustable air vents
  • Comes with seven carbon heaters
  • Comes with three ergonomic backrests
  • Comes with an EZ touch LED control panel
  • Comes with a magazine rack and towel hooks
  • Comes with a built-in radio with CD player and AUX MP3 connection


The HeatWave Infrared Sauna never fails to impress from beginning to end. Once you place your order, you can expect the package to arrive on time and in a perfect condition.

Assembling the parts is also a piece of cake since the product is already partially assembled. All you need to complete the setup process is a screwdriver, a ladder, an extra hand, and an hour to spare.

Unlike other infrared saunas sold in the market, the HeatWave Infrared Sauna comes with seven carbon heaters that are strategically placed in various locations like the back wall, side walls, floor, and benches. Because of this, basking in the infrared heat will be more enjoyable.

Just allow the sauna to insulate for around half an hour, then set the temperature to about 125 degrees Fahrenheit. In ten minutes, your body will start to sweat and feel the detoxifying effects of the infrared heat.

Perhaps what sets the HeatWave Infrared Sauna apart is its inclusion of three ergonomic backrests, which are designed to alleviate back pain and lessen fatigue. These backrests can help provide a relaxing sensation and comfort that will cap off your sauna experience.

This infrared sauna also comes with an oxygen ionizer, which releases oxygen and negative ions that help purify the air and rid it of odor-causing bacteria.

As for the structure, the HeatWave Infrared Sauna is equipped with recessed interior lighting that will allow you to do other recreational activities like reading while basking in the heat and glow.

The eight-millimeter bronze-tinted tempered glass also provides a bit of privacy while helping retain the heat. The adjustable air vents in the ceiling can also enhance your sauna experience by allowing fresh air to circulate inside.

The HeatWave Infrared Sauna also comes with a couple of accessories that can’t be found anywhere else. For one, it provides a comprehensive stereo system with a CD player, an AUX MP3 connection, and a set of built-in speakers so that you can play your favorite tunes while soaking in the therapeutic effects of the infrared heat.

This product is also equipped with an EZ-touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels, which you can adjust to control the settings of your sauna. As part of its auxiliary package, this infrared sauna also provides two towel hooks and a magazine rack to optimize your sauna experience.


No commercial product is perfect, and the HeatWave Infrared Sauna is no exception. For instance, a few users have pointed out that this product, although advertised to be made for three individuals, can only fit two people.

Another issue that has been brought to the attention of the company is the inadequate set of instructions about how to set up the sauna. People without technical expertise may not be able to put the parts together easily. However, a user shared that when he emailed the company about this issue, they immediately sent a response assisting him to assemble the parts.


Overall, it can be said that the HeatWave Sante Fe SA2412DX Infrared Carbon Sauna can offer many benefits that far surpass the price. If all you want is an infrared sauna that can efficiently deliver all the therapeutic benefits of radiant heat, then this product will suit you well. Try it out and see for yourself if it’s worth the investment.