Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 4 Carbon Heaters Review

By Heat Master

Hemlock Infrared Sauna with 4 Carbon Heaters Review

What do you normally do to unwind after a day’s work? Binge eating on your favorite cholesterol-loaded meal? Grab a book and pore over its pages until late into the night? Or maybe you just hit the hay at once and take a stroll in Dreamland? A growing number of people have found a new way to detoxify their body of chemicals and free their minds of stress: sauna bathing.

The sauna culture traces its origins to the Nordic regions, but the structure itself has made its way all over the world. In the United States, specifically, saunas are widely gaining popularity from people of all backgrounds.

If you’re planning to adorn your house with a sauna, why not try the Hemlock Infrared Sauna, which is known for its strong constitution and solid structure?

Made of solid hemlock wood panels, the Hemlock Infrared Sauna is prized for many reasons. Not only is it a great investment because of the great features that comes with it, it’s also a wise buy because of the therapeutic benefits that it brings.


  • Power: 120 volts or 15 amperes
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • Internal Dimensions: 33 W x 31 D x 67 H
  • External Dimensions: 35.75 W x 35.25 D x 75 H
  • Uses 1170 watts of heat
  • Comes with four carbon heaters
  • Comes with two premium speakers
  • Comes with an auxiliary port and cord
  • Comes with a tinted tempered glass door
  • Comes with EZ touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels


The Hemlock Infrared Sauna features easy shipping and assembly procedures. You can expect it to arrive at your home in a perfect condition since it is packaged carefully for shipping. You can immediately assemble all parts in under an hour since this product prides itself for easy setup.

It has a one to two seating capacity, so you can enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a heat session with a loved one. The benches installed are extra deep, and they run along the back wall of the sauna, so you can somewhat have a backrest that can provide ergonomic functionalities.

Made out of solid hemlock wood, the Hemlock Infrared Sauna is popular for its strength and durability. Not only does it come with a buckle assembly that makes for a quick and easy setup, it also features a scratch-resistant coat that effectively prolongs its life.

What’s more, the seven-millimeter-thick tempered glass door leaves no wonder that this product is made for style and comfort. There’s no doubt that the Hemlock Infrared Sauna is built to last.

The heating capacity of the Hemlock Infrared Sauna is one of the things that set it apart. It allows for an easy temperature control, which you can set as high as 140 degrees. Because it comes with four energy-efficient carbon heaters, you only have to wait twenty minutes at most for the temperature to reach ideal levels.

Compared to other saunas that use ceramic heaters, the Hemlock Infrared Sauna holds an edge in terms of heat production and retention.

All good saunas are equipped with auxiliary components that differentiate them from the rest. The same is true for the Hemlock Infrared Sauna, which is laden with a lot of accessorial parts. For example, it comes with a standard auxiliary port and cord and two premium speakers, which you can use to play music while basking in the heat of the sauna.

It’s also equipped with an EZ-touch dual interior and exterior LED control panels, which you can tweak to your liking to achieve desired settings.

As for the power requirements of this product, you’ll find that it doesn’t need much. You can just plug it into a standard outlet with 120 volts or 15 amperes. You can even have other electrical gadgets plugged in on the same circuit, and you won’t experience any problems down the line.

Cap off all these features with a seven-year warranty on all heating and electronic elements, and you’ll have a good product that is worth every dime.


The only issue about the Hemlock Infrared Sauna so far is the flooring, which was found to be ineffective in holding more than two hundred pounds of weight. One particular user reported that the floor gave in a little when a 235-pound pressure was applied to it. Apart from this problem, no other issue has been cited yet.


Overall, the Hemlock Infrared Sauna is a good product that delivers its promise of quality, comfort, and convenience. Add to that the therapeutic effects that automatically come with it and you can surely say that this product gives you your money’s worth.