How Often Should You Use Infrared Sauna?

By Heat Master

How Often Should You Use Infrared Sauna

Using an infrared sauna is one of the best therapies that can do to help your body relax and detoxify naturally. However, there are many questions and queries related to this therapy. If you are wondering how often should you use infrared saunas, then we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we are more than happy to share with you our tried-and-tested tips when it comes to using saunas for different purposes. Ready to feel good and rid your body of toxins? Well, then keep on reading!

How to Use Infrared Saunas

To maximize the benefits you get from an infrared sauna, you have to know a few important tips before you begin with your sessions. Here are the basics:

  • Using infrared sauna therapy right after having a meal is strictly prohibited. Always wait for one to two hours after your meal before starting your session.
  • Though there is no specific time to use an infrared sauna, it’s better to take the session early in the morning or before bedtime for the best results.
  • For beginners, it is recommended to start slowly. A 20- to 30-minute session every other day is more than enough.
  • Drink water, fruit juice, iced tea, or green tea before, during, and after the sauna session. Trust us when we say that you will sweat a lot, so staying hydrated is the major rule.
  • Be careful during the first few sessions. If you get a headache or feel dizzy, end the session right away. It will take a while for your body to adjust to the heat.
  • Wear tee shirts and shorts. You can also wear swimsuits if you want to expose more skin to the heat.
  • If you find the infrared sauna cabin temperature too hot to bear, you can open the door or the ceiling for a few minutes to get fresh air.
  • Stretch your arms, legs, neck, and your back during the session to attain a flexible body.
  • When using an infrared sauna, remember to rub tight muscle areas and injured areas. The light massage will reduce the pain, and the areas will get more oxygen.
  • Don’t apply lotions or oil on your skin during the session. Using these products will stop the sweating.
  • After finishing, sit in a quiet place and relax. Let your body cool down and take a shower later on.

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How Often Should You Use Infrared Sauna?

Every treatment requires patience from your side. Similarly, you may not see the effects of your sauna sessions right away, but they will eventually start appearing once you are regular with your sessions.

The frequency and duration of your sauna sessions depend on the issues you wish to address. Every problem has a different time limit. Have a look at the following points to know how often should you use infrared sauna:

  • For Muscle Pain

Using an infrared sauna is the best way to reduce muscle pain. Whenever our body is subjected to high temperature, the natural painkiller in our body called endorphins is produced.

High temperatures also boost the body’s circulatory system function, which, in turn, results in pain relief. You can use an infrared sauna daily or every other day for 30 to 45 minutes to relax your exhausted body and tired muscles.

  • For Lowering Blood Pressure

As mentioned above, using an infrared sauna increases blood circulation. When blood circulation is improved, your blood vessels increase in size and your blood pressure comes to a healthy level. For this purpose, it is recommended to use an infrared sauna once a week for 20 to 45 minutes.

  • For Weight Loss

Using an infrared sauna is also a healthy and natural way to lose weight. When your body is exposed to heat, you sweat, and fat gets burned. If you take an infrared sauna session daily for 20 to 40 minutes, you will burn approximately 900 to 2400 calories. You will definitely notice a major change in your body.

  • For Better Heart Health

Your heart is a vital part of your body, and sitting in an infrared sauna regularly makes sure that it stays functional. Your blood vessels expand when you are exposed to heat. This act is good for the elasticity of blood vessels as it keeps the heart fit.

The regular use of infrared saunas can reduce your cholesterol level by up to 50 points. On the other hand, a daily session of about 15 to 20 minutes helps avoid the risk of heart diseases.

  • For Detoxing Your Body

An infrared sauna is also used for purifying you internally and externally. When you sweat, the pores open up. This process helps in clearing poisonous toxins from your body, which include lead, zinc, copper, and mercury. Other toxic substances, such as uric and lactic acid, are removed through the skin instead of kidneys.

One session can detox your body well. However, if you sit in it daily for 40 minutes, you will get exceptional results.

  • For Immune System Health

Fever is commonly referred to as an illness, but it is a response your body gives when it is healing. To strengthen the immune system, sauna sessions create “artificial fever”. During that fever, the growth of viruses and bacteria is reduced, which can make you strong.

A strong immune system is necessary to fight against infections. Sitting in an infrared sauna on a regular basis increases the number of white blood cells and T-cells in our body. A daily 30 minutes session is more than enough for a healthy immune system.

  • For Cancer

Infrared sauna therapy acts as a cancer therapy as well. It is believed that cancer cells can’t live when the temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. Sitting in an infrared sauna not only kills the cancer cells, but it also increases the potency of chemotherapy and minimizes the side effects of it.

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Final Words

To sum it up, sitting in an infrared sauna cabin can help your body stay healthy and active. Then again, you have to remember to stay hydrated and always listen to your body on how much heat it can bear. Everything seems better when you are careful!